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The Ultimate Symmetry App for Permanent Makeup Artists and Aesthetic Professionals!

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Unlimited options

BeautyGrid has been developed as a unique, easy and powerful tool to quickly check your designs for symmetry. The grid system gives you unlimited options of measurements and references!

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A must-have for aesthetic professionals

BeautyGrid is not only useful for Permanent Makeup Artists, other aesthetic professionals will find this App extremely handy. Cosmetic surgeons can check symmetry of their procedures, or Makeup Artist checking their designs before the photo shoot commences.

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Awesome Features

This fabulous App has lots of amazing features and flexibility to check your aesthetic designs. BeautyGrid is very user friendly, all the features work with all the familiar touch gestures you are used to!


BeautyGrid works with an awesome and flexible grid overlay. Simply touch one of the squares and the symmetrical square is automatically highlighted. Checking for Symmetry was never this easy!


You can choose images from your phone’s Gallery or even take a photo on the spot by selecting the camera function from the menu.


BeautyGrid gives you complete flexibility, you can resize the image to any size you want, rotate 360 degrees and move it in any direction. All using the familiar touch gestures you are used to.


This App will work in both landscape and portrait mode making it suitable to check different types of photos.


Another great feature is the option to choose between different grid settings, from large squares to small squares enabling you to get the perfect result for checking your designs.


You no longer have to change between Apps, BeautyGrid offers you the option to make your own before and after collages and share them directly to your Social Media profiles.

How It Works

With BeautyGrid you can quickly and easily check your designs for symmetry. Its very user friendly and you will love the simplicity and endless possibilities of this App.

How to install BeautyGrid

To start using App simply click the button below or search for BeautyGrid in the Google Play Store and tap the Install button.

How to use BeautyGrid

Open the App and click “Select Image”, you can choose either an image from the Gallery or take a photo directly with the Camera function.

Resize and move the image

Move, resize and rotate the image using the familiar touch gestures. Once you have the image in the position you want, simply click “Lock Image” to lock the image in place.

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Feature Image

The BeautyGrid Symmetry method

The grid method is a very effective tool to check symmetry in corresponding areas of for example the lips or eyebrows. Even scalp micropigmentation technicians can use it to check the hair line, they have drawn on, is as symmetrical as possible.

Align the image

Make sure you have aligned the image horizontally and vertically. The middle of the grid is marked with a green line to make this very easy.

Check Symmetry

Simply tap any square on the screen and the corresponding symmetrical square will automatically highlight. Now simply work through your design checking for any small differences.

Screenshots of the App

BeautyGrid is particularly useful for permanent makeup artists but other professional design artists, cosmetic surgeons or other stylists will also enjoy this tool. Even drawing or fine artists can benefit from using this App!


Here we answer some of the frequently asked questions, however don’t hesitate to get in touch with us anytime!

What are correct eyebrow measurement?

The design phase of semi permanent eyebrows is a vital part of the treatment and should never be rushed. There are a few very basic rules to a good design:

  • The space between the eye and brow should be approximately the same size as your iris
  • The inner side of the eyebrow should align with the inner side of the eye
  • The ascending part of the eyebrow is 2/3 and the descending part is 1/3
  • Highest point of the brow should be aligned approximately with the outside of the iris
  • The start and end of the brow should align horizontally.

What are the correct lip measurements?

When creating lip design, you will have to follow some basic rules with relation to the golden ratio of upper and lower lips, the cupids bow and the proportions of the lips.

  • The high points of the cupid’s bow should be in line with the middle of the nostrils. We consider the edge of the nostrils and the centre of the cupids bow to indicate the curvature of the lower lip. If we drew an oblique line from the tail of the eyebrow through the eye and the nose towards the cupids bow and the base of the lower lips, this will give the measurements of where the height of the cupids bow and base of the lower lip should be placed.
  • The ratio of the lip is an important factor in the element of design. This is established by dividing the lip into 5 parts, 2/5 correspond to the upper lip and 3/5 to the lower lip.

What are ideal facial measurements?

Use the eye as a unit measurement from one corner to the other. This measurement should cover our face a total of 7 times from hairline to chin and 5 times from ear to ear.

  • Forehead: Hairline to eyebrow » 2 eyes
  • Eyebrow: From head to tail of the brow » 1.5 eyes
  • Eyebrows: Space between brows » 1 eye
  • Nose: From outside of 1 nostril to the other » 1 eye
  • Nose: From top to bottom of nose » 2 eyes
  • Nose / Lips: from bottom of nose to top of the cupids bow » 0.5 eye
  • Lips / Nose: from bottom of nose to bottom of bottom lip » 1 eye
  • Lips: upper to lower lips » 0.5 eye
  • Mouth: from one corner to the other » 1.5 eyes
  • Chin: lower lip to chin » 1 eye

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